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Code of conduct

       The TONSUN code of conduct is to ensure compliance with environmental, social, and working conditions in the production, use of materials, outsourcing and services. These standards are used to evaluate the social responsibility compliance of the company and its suppliers in the production process.

1. Legal compliance

  Fully comply with all applicable country and / or local laws and regulations, including but not limited to child labor, environment, business ethics, occupational health and safety, labor related laws and regulations.

2.Child labor & underage worker

No recruitment of child labor under the age of 16.The use of underage workers (16-18 years old) is allowed, but need to avoid hazardous work, avoid arranging night shift work, and limit their working hours and overtime hours.

3.Compulsive and restrictive employment

  It is not allowed to employ any forced labor, prison employment, restrictive employment or involuntary labor;The employee's ID card and salary shall not be detained, and the employee shall not be forced to pay any direct or indirect expenses / commissions related to the entry / employment.

4.Health, safety and environment

Prevent employees from being exposed to severe health or safety hazards;No severe environmental pollution is allowed.

5.Working hours

       Transparent and reliable record of working hours of all employees;The working hours of employees shall not exceed 60 hours per week and the overtime hours shall not exceed 36 hours per month.Employees have one day off every seven days.


         Employees' wages, including overtime payment, must be paid on a regular basis, at least once a month;The wages paid to employees shall not be lower than the local statutory minimum wage standard.

7. Insurance

       Provide employment injury insurance to all employees to cover the medical treatment related to industrial accidents, and compensate those who are permanently disabled due to industrial accidents.


          Per capita area of the accommodation personnel shall not be less than 4 square meters, with safe environment, the men and women are separated, and the right of employees to freely enter and exit their residence during the resting time shall not be restricted.


          In the process of recruitment and promotion, employees shall not be discriminated against on the basis of race, religion, belief, gender, marital or reproductive status, age, political background, nationality, disability, health, gender orientation or any other reasons.

10.Freedom of association and collective bargaining

        Employees have the right to join, form or withdraw from the union of their choice. The company shall respect this right and ensure that employees will not be subject to retaliation, interference, coercion or harassment;Employees have the right to freely exercise collective bargaining between employers and employees without being subject to retaliation, interference, coercion or harassment.

11.Anti-harassment, abuse and disciplinary action

        The company shall not harass or maltreat employees in the workplace or accommodation provided, and shall not impose corporal punishment, threat of violence or other forms of mental and physical oppression on employees, and shall not use any public warning and punishment system.

12.Business ethics

         The company formulates and implements a set of anti-corruption policies, clearly stating that bribery and corruption are unacceptable;

The documents, records and reports provided by the company shall be transparent, accurate and reliable.

13.Employee involvement

      The company shall establish a health and safety committee and hold regular meetings to solve the health and safety problems in the production and daily life of employees.Set up staff suggestion box in convenient places for employees to collect employees' complaints and reflect problems regularly and deal with them in time.

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